Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether...

Birt 6 júl 2020
Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether... we can't leave the nether AT ALL. We are stuck.

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This is a custom coded 1.16 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game before the new nether destroys us. This was super intense. We can't leave the nether at all, not even once.

Can we beat the enderdragon?

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  • Vibing biglin. 9:03

  • "Im not an idiot the ghast just doesnt like me :(" - Sapnap 2021

  • Dream: Hits enderman. Also Dream: The enderman is mad at me for nothing.

  • Dream you think its 4 bloock to jump no ITS reall 5 ITS hård

  • It usually gives you 2 jackpots

  • Bro bro a half of heart

  • Its a piglin dancing

  • 6:24 George/elephant

  • Bello

  • time 9 7 is so fuuny

  • Dream dream 😜

  • Bheem ka train food tatti potty potty potty ,,,,,

  • 9:06 🤣

  • 😂😂

  • 18:01

  • Dream chased by a army

  • minecraft 1.17 cave and clifs

  • You should do a man hunt on this

  • Sapnap: George is not doing a very good job George : *kills the ghast Sapnap: he doing a marvelous job actually

  • 9:10 😂lol😂

  • 17:56 George is like my mom

  • That was an awesome video I ever watched

  • Dream:this is like netherite a a rock one its like Friends:its useless

  • Eu Sou Português

  • 14:58 lol

  • How can dream die by a zombiepig And can survive 4 hunters

  • okay im back sorry bc i poop and get some food :V

  • do you want doritos and a pop it figet LOL oop brb gtg

  • Btw my real name is sam i use my moms computer even im using my moms Phone

  • bruh im a kid and i really want to meet you irl And... can you make THE MOST POWERFUL TNTS on minecraft

  • Nobody: Piglin: DANCING 😂😂

  • Bone Apple Teeth - Sapnap 2020

  • Ggg

  • 1:57 I have seen the loss of george

  • dream: im fine i drank the fire resistance also dream: i gotta go fast tho it runs out soon * 6 and a half minutes later* 🔥fire resistance 1:44

  • did anyone notice during the dragon fight the bedroch ceiling at 26:36

  • Duvnm

  • LMAO

  • did the fireball just bounce on the block?

  • Kill wither skeleton and get coal

  • imagine your in the nether and you casually hear, SCOOBY DOOBY DOO WE'RE COMIN AFTER YOU WE GOTRA SO LVE THAT MYSTEREEEE

  • 10 minutes to kill 😬😬

  • dream in 1.16

  • Dream moves like a admin?

  • 000000.1 por siento de ese vaile

  • Take off the mask

  • 16:46

  • Video like a speerun

  • Sapnap: no I want porkchops I don't want mushroom stew!! 😡 George: take what you can get! >:(

  • Dream sees lava: "Heh, thats cute." *jumps into the lava*

  • how do i save videos so i can make a reacts video on my channle

  • That's crazy piglin she dancing how did he get that?

  • don't mind me doin time stamps 9:04

  • 9:03 hehe

  • Neder Dragon😂😂🤣😂

  • I subscribed turned in the notifications and likes what more can I do?

  • O P B H A I

  • What is pigmen doing

  • There is no water in the nether how did those trees grow 😳 🧐

  • 9:07 what is it doing

  • Well,it's almost 1000k likes

  • I used to be a fan, The fan base has gotten way too toxic and everything gets a bad wrap and he's also just recycling manhunt Contact now

  • Piglin feels he can fly

  • 0:44 the nether is in the nether...

  • Someone forgot the turn off their tea kettle

  • The mod?

  • Coming back to this video to say I have seen 3 dancing piglins together in vanilla bedrock, this is a thing that happens apparently XD

  • *Dude*

  • GeorgeNotFound made the advancement free the nether

  • Best moment - 9.05 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Imagine doing a manhunt in the nether

  • They don’t have to hit the dragons, the piglins will kill it sense the dragon attacked it

  • Join 'herobrine smp,

  • what idiot gave a paw down?

  • piglins do a wierd dance they kill or see someone kill a hoglin

  • If they get a water bucket and a couldrun they could just use throws it works in the nether

  • 9:07 I watched it last 100 times literally

  • 5:46 the heck

  • dream wheeezee

  • Shouldn’t the name of the endear dragon be nether dragon loo

  • Sapnap : kill him pig. Ghast : i got your back green figure 😂😂

  • Dream: sapnap just waddling- *falls in small hole* *screams*

  • can't hear anything, raises volume. Screaming commences, now I'm deaf. Seriously balance out the audio dream please! X_X

  • Sapnap saying:PEARLS! Me think he’s saying GIRLS!

  • Was fornite dancing

  • That piglin

  • I love you Dream

  • I love pigman dance

  • 7:56 HVJFHVUVGUVHFRU haha what-

  • 15:40 please someone tell the background music he used

  • The animated text immunologically shock because mayonnaise affectively fence after a absorbing policeman. wiry, shaky opinion

  • you guys should do a manhunt series but only in the nether or end

  • "stop being idiots" -dream 2020

  • Pigeon dances after killing the pigs but its a really low chance of it dancing after a raid when they win agents the big hostile pigs

  • 7:56😂😂😂😂😂

  • Are nether have a dragon?

  • dream I want you to the boat clutch it is sooooooooooooo cool

  • nice dance pig man

  • George: well I.. have loads of stuff Dream: AJSHBDJSGWVSBOU sapnap: what?- 😂