Dream VS Technoblade (Minecraft Championship)

Birt 14 jún 2020
Dream VS Technoblade.... these are highlights from Minecraft Championship including Dream and Technoblade's perspective. A mighty battle...

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This event was SO much fun! This was my first live stream on ISmem in a very long time and it was a lot of fun! Technoblade is an awesome guy and it was a lot of fun to have a little "rivalry". I'm sure he'll bounce back and embarrass me at some point. Overall the best Minecraft event I've played in and incredibly well hosted. Thanks to everyone who came and supported me!

Technoblade: @Technoblade
George: @GeorgeNotFound
Mefs: @Mefs
Eret: ismem.info

Thumbnail Art: Twitter @datedliquid

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  • This tournament was a lot of fun! Technoblade is an amazing player and can definitely come back and totally embarrass me in the future, but not for today! I'm looking forward to doing a collab with techno and I won't be surprised if he totally wrecks my day. This tournament went in my favor and I had a lot of fun (even though our team didn't win). Hopefully we'll do well in future tournaments too!

  • 36:41 my favourite outro.

  • That’s so funny🤣

  • Heyy dream!! Are u and George not found getting married or are y’all dating or just friends?!


  • hola o hello

  • UHhhhhhhhhh

  • Dream you are not better tacos better because you’re because you smell like poop

  • 20:19 dream be like I had enough super Saiyan mode activated.

  • I love dream he’s the best

  • What is app

  • Monster legends

  • What

  • Hi🙂

  • In minecraft

  • Dream i made a statue of you

  • You have friends theme dream

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  • I said mr beast

  • Green heart

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  • Always salt your pasta before boiling.

  • Dream is definitely pinkleaf but in minecraft

  • Aku tahu kamu orang Indonesia

  • You are the best.

  • I'm still sub to you Dream :) and Good Job:)

  • 24:27 love the force of habit of just ragequitting xD

  • 20.21 - DUDUDUDDUDUD

  • Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait.... Thats ryguyrocky... The guy that r mostly subbed to him im subbed to Dream n ryguyrocky

  • Dream will always be famous

  • I see ✨💖KREW💖✨

  • Why lost

  • Go dream! Go dream! Go dream!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Hipix□l founder <Technoblade<dream xdd ( It is an individual impression)

  • what minecraft is that, look at the hotbar and inventory...tell me someone plzz.

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  • stealing grian's clout XD

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  • Do a bedrock edition video

  • 20:13 the speedrun music

  • Karma warning at 15:17

  • Nooooooooooooooooo

  • f BOMB!

  • I think Dream is the BEST player of minecraft ! ! !

  • dreams resolution is 10000000000000000 times better then techno's

  • . M

  • F

  • The tittle should be thecnoblade gets destroyed

  • 誰是台灣人

  • Ok at 22:40 it was tommy, it was actually so unexpected 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hahaha

  • Bingo bango

  • Epic battle

  • Good job dream i love you

  • Hehehe ;)😂😂😂

  • Does anyone even realize this was his 100th video??

  • unlucky bro

  • Smallishbeans is a pro builder in Minecraft

  • 4:26 we see tommy

  • 18:04 kinda insane 0_0

  • Did Dream sing smooth as butter?

  • What is this Video is all about?

  • Wow

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  • Techno's sarcastic oice is hilarious

  • Alternate title: An orphan-murdering pig and a green man stab each other for clout

  • Woooow

  • Wooow

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  • Dream Pro

  • Everybody gangsta till Dream's skin stop smiling

  • You tnt home tommy

  • not me noticing that dream killed ryguyrocky from the old proper idiots channel 1 year later

  • I swear I could watch his videos all day

  • Plzz what ip that game?

    • @Kezz Gaming it tournament server for youtubers

    • @Ht Chozah yea

    • Do you really expect to play on this server

  • 36:20 I mean, he went on a training arc and then beat dream up in a formal 1v1.

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  • Techoblade:I'm gonna steal dreams clout hes gonna get wrecked he plays only 1.8 Dream:what did you eat for breakfast this morning

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  • Babi vs stickman

  • Every anime protagonist no matter how powerful must be owned at some point

  • The smile is better than the pig this is forever. Dream is better than thecno.

  • Dream I heard you met itsfunneh they said hi to you and why did you run or I think your gonna tell the team the krew is there

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  • Hi dream I'm a fan of u. How do you craft a boat in 1second and put the boat before dying

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  • You know what happens when the music is on

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  • dude the real question is who tha faq is pet

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