Minecraft Speedrunner VS PRO

Birt 23 jún 2020
Minecraft Speedrunner VS PRO. This was absolutely insane.
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I decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt Matchup. This series is slightly different than Minecraft Manhunt, as I'm going up against a Minecraft Pro in a DOUBLE Minecraft Manhunt.

I tried to edit this short, but it was just action packed to the brim. There was so much stuff that I plan on releasing a lot of bonus scenes on my second channel.

This is a new Minecraft but, 1.15 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend Illumina tries to prevent me from doing it. Then we switch, and he tries to beat the game, while I try to stop him. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.

There's not 3 hunters this time, but there's one hunter that is one of the best in the entire game. Thank you so much to Illumina for coming out and playing!

If this video gets 500,000 likes I'll try and get Technoblade on Minecraft Manhunt Matchup!

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


  • Dream Youtooz Giveaway: dream.youtooz.com/ Also, I tried to make this video shorter but our fights lasted way longer than usual. Nothing I could do! Shorter videos soon :)

  • Dream,….KILL THE DRAGON!!

  • 40:24 ??


  • Me there doesnt have a life: 👁👄👁

  • ñ

  • I am in luv with illumina's voice

  • Everyone: What is going on ? Me: Which one is the pro and which one is the speedrunner ?

  • took you 1 hr

  • my thinking: uhhhh, who's the speedrunner and who's the pro??? Also, the one thing that Dream is horrible at doing is backing down...

  • That's what happens when two pro's 1v1 each other...

  • Illmunia:How Dream: Because of my spider man Antominus ultra instinct

  • 25:28 this is the very true battle of elder gods hahaha 😳😂👏🏽

  • @dream you can hold ctrl to sprint in a boat you could have got up to him a lot quicker

  • 3:05 Dream: starts using sword instead of axe. Also dream: Noo!

  • I dont understand why Dream focused so much on killing Illumina and so less on actually killing the ender dragon

  • 22:30 The Famous Boat "Chase" (aka droning experience) begins

  • almost half the vid is water fight. LOL

  • the both cracked your honor

  • Its funny how Dream turned the hunter to the hunted

  • Was that a chicken in the nether 20:39

  • Illumina is scared of Dream LOL XD

    • Because dream is the best PvP player I think (DVD player)

  • What the frick was the sea battle

  • dream how did you die but how

  • 0

  • 42:40

  • 20:39 why is there a chicken in the nether XD

  • The vídeo good :)

  • Dream do you use lunar is not what do you use?

  • 14:21 dont worry george, this is for you.. LOL imagine saying "stupid" to dream's girlfriend

  • the video was just dream and illumina having a water fight

  • Twist* *1 round* *ilumna hunter :3* 2 round* *dream hunter :3*

  • POV you skipepd water wars

  • 1:01:45 and that's how dream cook fried chicken

  • How tf is there a chicken in the nether 20:39

  • dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is not you haunting illumina this is illumina haunting you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Illumina's voice like taking drags lmfao

  • AN HOUR? just shows how good they both are at minecraft

  • These guys really wanted to go to the pool for days 😂

  • What happen if they fight in minecraft bedrock

  • That enderman just standing watching dream how to speedrun

  • Please please manhunt with me please in pocket edition

  • I feel like tomorrow I’m gonna wake up and my vision is just gonna be Minecraft boats

  • 😆😆

  • Battle of the year in mc

  • 1:59

  • This is so funny

  • Alternate title: dream hunts ilumina for 7 hours straight at a pool party

  • 4:18 that didn’t age to well for Dream.

  • You are the coolest dream!

  • No boats for Illumina

  • ._____________________.

  • why is the voice glitching is it just me???

  • Lost the plot a little XD but Dream didn't die to the pro so that's interesting

  • This was mostly a battle to the death then it was a speed run 😂

  • I wondered what George said when alumina said “I’m not George I know how to play this game” 😂😂😂

  • This was actully the longest Minecraft fight I have ever seen

  • Alternate title: Two sweaty minecraft pro’s never ending battle

  • On now who is the speed runner

  • I swear theres one point in the song where its travelling through my ears


  • This video should be called the ilumina and dream movie

  • Hello sir

  • Real fight starts when all 2 players find diamonds

  • did dream even know his role?

  • The title : SPEEDRUNNER VS PRO EPIC GAMEPLAY. The video : just illumena chillin in a boat

  • illumina built a hous hes been in hbg since the beginning

  • Lol why there's a chicken 〚20:40〛

  • Dream vs Illumina Drowned : Let me join the party

  • Dream is good fighter and it's worth watching

  • Dream you drowned you didn't die from the trident guy. But omg I loved this video keep it up love your videos so much

  • 32:43 WATER BATTLE NUMBER 2 5 minutes later: ok imma make lunch now

  • the title should be "minecraft but we can only fight in water"

  • 20:40 why is there a chicken in the nether?


  • I think that since it has been about a year, they should do a rematch. Dream has improved so much, I think it would be super epic.

  • Mau

  • 2021? 👇

  • why were the sheilds not getting disabled

  • Everyone else manhunt: RUN! Dream manhunt: FIGHT!

  • Thank you dream for your amazing content, it has taught me a lot about Minecraft.


  • Yo wtf he is a tank

  • Boat Battle Boat Battle

  • DREAM YOU DIED???????????????????????????????

  • sorry so much

  • You already know your dream I mean damn Knigge Daniel Gonzalez

    • ???????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Dream: *Beats 5 Hunters* Also Dream: *Dies to a Creeper and losses his stuff*

  • Dream now literally winning against 5 hunters

  • How long can you boat 🛶 for? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😲😲😲

  • Si not dream is die

  • Why just why is alumina just running away like a coward he supposed to be the hunter not a scaredy-cat that looks like a dying hippopotamus

  • The battle going on for YEARS: Me: "Wait who's the hunter again?"

  • It's a Tie.

  • DaBaby

  • Now

  • Hey dream I have a channel

  • After a 1 million years chasing illumina with a boat

  • I tried a minecraft speedrun and i had two hearts left in the first 2 minutes

  • They probably have been pruned to death by now.