Minecraft Ultimate Tag...

Birt 23 apr 2020
Minecraft Ultimate Tag... My friend and I have two minutes to avoid being tagged by each other. We have to evade each other by sprinting, jumping and juking. Who will win?
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This video is similar to my other Minecraft, But, 1.14/1.15 1v1 challenges. Me and my friend try to trick and evade each other. The first person to 7 points wins. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. If you have any tips and tricks leave them in the comments!

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  • no way dream can blow a 3 up lead right?...... right?

  • Dream: breaks ice with an axe Me: bruh

  • Dream IS so bad


  • is that a killer bunny? cuz that would be insane due to how rare it is 8:09

  • I laughed so much at this point 22:25

  • "Your mom is mineeee" lmao

  • 6:28 hahhaahah


  • Fun Fact : they forgot about the money and they only wanted each other's mother numbers

  • Everybody wacth the video Me:why would they want each mom phone number

  • Ok George text this to dreams mom "Hi miss, can Clay come out to play" Trust me....it'll be hilarious

  • Hit say hi and I beat dream in ultimate tag

  • Dream did you really give George your moms phone number

  • George panicked so hard core 11:48

  • The dream laugh is the best 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Omg so sad

  • Alternate title:Minecraft momhunt

  • Both you and your mother just got clapped.

  • dream to survive with two players, only with 2 hearts

  • I have a nerve impulse in my spine when he is about to be hit, I can feel it.

  • At the end does it say the f word, or does it bleep bc i muted it.

  • How can you play this?

  • George is so bad

  • Dream is soo bad

  • mommy

  • Text her to watch their video she’d probably not be too happy about you gambling about her phone number

  • Goggy say me and dream are dating

  • George wouldve won if he was playing for dream's dad's number if you know what i mean hahahaha

  • 2:38 does anyone know the name of the song here?

  • why did you jumb in the last round dream WTF aahah

  • Poor dream 😞 dream you are the best Minecraft player

  • The level of uncomfort in the begging when they were going on about there moms numbers was hilarious

  • Hi

  • Dreams more exited for George’s mom number than 1000

  • you shoud do this content more this is so intense

  • i just love how in this video dream's reactions are just so slow XD (im some cases only) like he decided to build up only when gogy was 1cm away from him... dude XD

  • 21:28 what was dream tryna do with that cobblestone lol 😂

  • W0

  • I cant believe dream won that

  • Unbeliveble. I seriously thought dream would won

  • 1:01 dreams wheeze got me man

  • Is that a jojo reference?

  • Dream you're my hero man congrats

  • if they did this these days george would be completely eviscerated.

  • 11:47


  • Goarge can you say to dreams mom that (hello dreams mom can you say to dream that he should upload a new brand new video on his channel ?)

  • this is dream on half a heart montage


  • imagine if dream or George put the compass or blocks in offhand.

  • why did i get recommended this now? lol

  • 3:20 music????

  • Back when his videos wasn't just him and his friends screeming

  • Dream Vs 5 Hunter now

  • "I just assumed that you were running around the *radius* of the square"-george

  • He fucked up

  • Mums phone number 🤣

  • ''How did you catch me!?'' ''Yes''

  • Green mutated tellytubby

  • text

  • 11:48 I laughed so hard at George’s scream. 😂😂

  • I got mad when George won idk why I wanted dream to win-

  • The fluttering scissors therapeutically wobble because iraq astonishingly practise from a elegant richard. zealous, unequaled c-clamp

  • i like how the manhunt music starts playing during the second round

  • 16:12 when you don’t get the toy you wanted from a happy meal

  • Me dream u must use the pick to mine ice Dream what a bad spawn

  • Im just watching all of Dreams ISmem vids. Ive seen almost all of them so far. I'm just in Taco Bell eating Tacos enjoying this. I'm also on Florida :)

  • "This isn't working out with your son"

  • I like dream's content but him jumping at the end was really stupid he had so many blocks. Dream?

  • Dream screwed up

  • 11:40 girl george

  • 11:47

  • that tag was app-vantage-us!!!!😏😏😉😉😍

  • Does anyone else feel like this is more stressful than manhunt?

  • 11:47 x0.25

  • Dream please answer my comment if you have a crush on George tell me because I am trying to convince him because you two should be a good couple please

  • hey Gorge call et Dream´s mom

  • George spawn in a hole hmm relatable

  • E

  • These guys are so into man hunts that the forgot the word "It"

  • i fucking hate George

  • I just feel bad for Georges neighbours

  • 12:13 "bacon and rice" - George

  • “Your mom is mineeeeee!!” -Dream

  • Its not dreams fault he lost, his friend is color blind.

  • If the tagger hit u with a snowball would that count?

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 3:53😳yo that's kinda sus ngl

  • Everyone thought that dream was gonna win but right at the very last moment he messed up big time

  • Why would Dream jump if he knew that he was a one tap? 22:25

  • George: "the radius of a square"

  • dream sucks

  • _they’re trying to get to know each other’s parents before they announce dnf is real. 😳_ _/j_


  • 11:26

  • Why when George screams he’s so high pitch but he sounds like that meme or vine when I girls like what the &$@!


  • I got anxiety watching this video